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We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke Oak garages and other buildings, such as stables, barns and sun rooms. With all our products, the quality of our work shows in everything we do and you can be assured that we only supply the best quality.

We do not make any of our buildings from standard designs and do not sell buildings from a stock range. Each Oak framed building is made to individual specification and design so you can be sure that your building will be designed and made just for you. You choose what you want in your building including windows, doors, garage doors which can be manual or electrically operated and all the ironmongery.

We only build with heavyweight frames but with that said we will always use a timber section that will not look too light or too heavy for your specific building. You also have the choice as to whether you have your frame left looking brand new with square edges or finished with an aged look.

You are also able to choose how much Oak is used in your building. The main frame is always made from Oak but from there on softwood can be used depending on your preferences and budget. An entire Oak building including all wall studs, trusses and rafters in Oak will be a stunning product but this will reflect in the price. The walls can also be finished in different ways using either Oak or softwood cladding or even a rendered finish with the Oak beams and studs exposed. All these choices are entirely yours to make and will make your new building a truly personal experience.   

Planning permission may be required for garages and outbuildings. Please follow the link from our planning page for information.

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