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Decking is a great addition to any garden and there are lots of options available. These options include grooved softwood which is the most commom and least expensive option right up to a planed hardwood with radius edges made from Ipe which is one of the most expensive.

We use a very heavyweight subframe mounted onto 100mm x 100mm posts set in concrete. The subframe consists of 150mm x 50mm joists running away from the house with 100mm x 50mm joists running across them parallel to the house at 600mm intervals. This allows the decking boards to be laid running away from the house which gives an impression of size and makes it easier for the water to disperse.

Railings can also be fitted in various different styles and materials including timber, glass, stainless steel wire and more.

It is often thought that decking is slippery in the wet but this is simply not true. We have found that with a timber called Ballau laid with a planed finish with rounded edges is not slipery at all even in the frost. The reason for this is because in wet weather grooved decking holds water and grime which builds up over time and make a slippery surface. However, with the planed finish the water and grime is able to run off and therefor does not build up and leaves a much less slippery surface.

Planed hardwood decking is also easier to clean as a jet washer wont pick up the grain of the wood as it does with softwood, this is known s feathering. Cleaning should only be needed once a year in Spring to clean off any Winter grime ready for use in the year ahead.

Planning permission can be required for decking. This is explained in our Planning and Building Regulations page.

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