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We at the South downs Oak Company build all of our products using old fashioned, time proved methods, Frames are constructed from freshly cut green Oak which is easier to work and as it dries it will naturally shrink which will pull the frame even tighter together.  Mortise-And-Tenon joints are used and are extremely old construction technique that has stood the test of time and is still being used today. Examples of this ancient joint is found in Egyptian furniture thousands of years old. It can produce joints that are extremely strong, and the technique can be scaled up or down in size with great success. In addition for additional strength and durability we peg the M & T joints again using time honoured methods. These pegs can be made of the same wood to hide the reinforcement, or they can be made of a decorative contrasting wood.

We building all of our buildings, using old fashioned techniques.

A beautiful single or pair of gates is a great way to enhance the entrance to your home. We hand make gates for driveways, rear and side entrances and also garden doors if extra security is required. We make gates from Oak, Iroko (which is a very durable African Hardwood) and Softwood to suit all situations. All gates are traditionally made using Wedged Through Mortise and Tenon joints.

We also make Oak furniture for indoors and outdoors and every piece is bespoke. If you have your own furniture design, we are very happy to make it for you, or we can help you design precisely what you want. We don’t have a core range, but we do make original pieces when some exemplary wood arrives. These are available for sale when we have them. We specialise in mainly Oak, Ash and English Elm tables and these are generally made to order.

All gates and furniture are finished with OSMO UV Protection Oil 420. This will ensure your gates retain their beauty and are not silvered by the sun. This treatment needs to be topped up every 2 – 3 years to ensure UV protection is continued.

Furniture & Gates